Cremation Services:


Cremation Services are an alternative means of final disposition from the traditional funeral service but offer many options. For instance, your loved one may be embalmed for viewing and/or a funeral with the cremation following services. Or, you may opt for immediate cremation and hold a memorial service at a future date. You might choose to inter the cremated remains in a cemetery or scatter them in an appropriate location. There is a difference in cost between cremation and funeral services, most notably in cemetery expenses and the need to purchase an outer burial container or casket, although cremation caskets are available. Please feel free to contact us to assist with any questions you may have.

Funeral Services:

Funeral Services have changed over time to best accommodate the bereaved family's need to honor the deceased and comfort the survivors. Services may vary greatly between religions, geographical locations, and personal family preferences. Asking the cost of a funeral would be a little like asking the cost of a wedding - it will all depend on what is chosen. We strive to offer a wide variety of products and services to choose from. One of us will gladly advise you on the cost of any particular service or product you may be interested in and supply a copy of our current General Price List, Casket Price List or Outer Burial Container (Vault) Price List upon your request.

At the time of arrangements, you will be given an estimated purchase contract. A final statement can only be completed after the services are over and actual costs (for cash advanced items such as obituaries, flowers, luncheons, etc.) have been determined. Our staff is dedicated to providing the most meaningful service possible to you and your loved ones and will make every attempt to fulfill your wishes.